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We have the perfect whip for you!

The Tack Store at Timber Ridge offers dressage whips from top brands like Fleck, HKM Sports Equipment, Equinavia and more.  We’ve hand-selected whips that feel perfectly balanced in the hand and offers trendy eye appeal. Each version is supremely comfortable and has a secure grip.

We have a variety of whip lengths, colors, styles and features to suit your needs

Why do you need a whip?

A dressage whip acts as a supplemental aid for a rider to use to encourage a horse to go forward, move sideways, and offer increased engagement Increased engagement means that the horse’s  hind legs push harder into the ground to create impulsion.

Light taps on a horse’s hindquarters or  barrel are only intended to support the rider’s aids. Whips must never be used as punishment.

Specifically designed with a tassle or small paddle end, which allows the rider to tickle or tap the horse behind their leg without the need to change the position of the hand on the reins. The dressage whip is particularly useful as a training aid for a behind-the-leg horse.


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