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Halters & Accessories

Halters & Accessories are the basic of your horse’s wardrobe. Look no further to find your horses next halter and lead rope. We carry a full selection of halters and leads from top brands including HKM Sports Equipment, Dura-Tech. The Tack Store at Timber Ridge also has our very own line of custom-made leather halters.

From break-away halters, to leather, nylon, and rope, we stock a full variety of offerings and sizes.

A horse halter is an essential piece of tack used to lead or tie up your horse, but you have many options to choose from. Halters come in different types and materials, each suited for a specific purpose. Once you’ve selected a halter, you’ll need to ensure a good fit for your horse’s comfort and safety. Be sure to know your size when ordering.

In our Halters & Accessories category, we also stock lead line, grazing muzzles, halter covers, halter pads, and replacement break away straps.


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