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Keep those Darn Flying Pests Away

Find the best Fly Protection such as fly sprays, masks and veils as well as other fly protection options at The Tack Store at Timber Ridge. We also carry numerous styles of fly masks, fly sheets, and fly veils for riding. As always, we offer free shipping on these must-have products!

Be prepared!

Make sure you have all the supplies you need ready for the spring rise in temperatures.  You should start working on cleaning up your farm, especially areas with standing water or damp conditions, which is where most fly eggs tend to be laid for many insects. Flies will lay their eggs on manure, in damp areas, inside trash cans, or in areas with rotting organic material.

Wet areas near pasture gates where manure, mud, and hay have all been stomped together are often overlooked when it comes to manure management. Using hay bags hung away from gates or high-traffic areas, and raking up any loose hay and manure off the ground can help reduce those wet areas.

Horse Flies are one of the most dreaded flies for horses and equestrians, as they are large enough that when they bite, you certainly feel it! Your horse can get welts from a Horse Fly bite, due to them drawing blood and causing irritation for many horses at the site. Horse Flies can also carry diseases such as Equine Infectious Anemia. While their life cycle is short, nearly all types of female flies can lay up to 150 eggs in just one batch, laying upwards of five or more batches over just a couple of days!

Spraying your horses before turn out can help to keep those flying insects away from your horse.


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