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Equine Supplements

We carry a wide variety of Equine Supplements for your equine partner. We represent some of the most respected equine supplement manufacturers in our store.

  • Kentucky Equine Research
  • Pro Elite
  • Grand Meadows
  • Farnam
  • Horse Health Products

There are many reasons to use horse supplements and some are actually medically necessary. But here are a  few of the main benefits:

  • Healthier coat and skin due to increased production of keratin and collagen.
  • Lower stress and higher resistance to potentially stressful situations as a result of nutrients that calm the nervous system.
  • Stronger hooves due to an increased hoof horn quality
  • Support joint health – help to reduce inflammation and cartilage break down
  • Vitamin E is essential for horses and ponies because it supports a healthy immune system
  • Biotin is a vitamin that’s important for hoof health
  • Omega-3 fatty acids These are important for joint health and can also help reduce inflammation

Always consult with your veterinarian when using supplements for any reason.


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