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Stirrups & Accessories

Timber Ridge offers a variety of tack and included in this section are Stirrups & Accessories including stirrup pads and much more. We offer stirrups from a variety of manufacturers including HKM Sports Equipment, Herm Sprenger and more.

Choosing stirrups for your English or Dressage saddle isn’t as straightforward as it seems, as there are actually quite a few categories and sub-categories out there. Here’s a quick rundown on some popular stirrup varieties and why you might want to choose one over another.

Fillis Stirrups

When you think of English stirrups, you likely envision the “Fillis” stirrup. This is the classic, traditional English iron look, with no frills or gimmicks. You may also see “standard” stirrups, but the only real difference between a standard and a Fillis is that Fillis stirrups are weighted more at the bottom, making them easier to pick up after losing them. Fillis stirrups are the basic go-to stirrup for many riders.

Flexible or Jointed Stirrups

These stirrups maintain the basic Fillis shape, but feature rubber-covered joints that allow the stirrup itself to flex in response to the rider’s foot. The goal here is to create a more comfortable ride and to reduce stress on a rider’s ankle and knee joints.


Remember, no matter what type of English stirrups you choose, be sure to select a pair that is the right size for you. A stirrup that is too narrow isn’t safe because your foot can get stuck, but stirrups that are too wide might allow your foot to slip through too far. Aim for about ¼” to ?” of “wiggle room” on each side, which equates to a stirrup pad about ½” to ¾” wider than your boot


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