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HKM Sports Equipment offers a huge selection of riding apparel, tack, and even dog products. This is one of our favorite brands and offers exceptional quality and value. The Tack Store at Timber Ridge is able to order you anything from the HKM inventory if it is not currently in stock and it includes free shipping!

We are one of the world’s leading suppliers of products for riders and horses. We live our passion for equestrian sports and stand for innovative and high-quality products with function that not only convince riders and horses, but inspire them.

From our base in the idyllic town of Neuenhaus in Lower Saxony near the Dutch border, we supply over 3,000 specialist dealers in 69 countries. As an equestrian sports specialist, our product range equips small and large riders and their four-legged sports companions, from the Shetty to the Grand Prix horse.


HKM Sports Equipment was founded in 1967 by Hans, Klaus and Marlene Egbers as a production company. For almost 40 years, the company has now focused on the real passion of the founding family – equestrian sports.

Founding Principles

From the beginning, HKM Sports Equipment has been colorful, courageous, and authentic, and has remained so to this day. We take responsibility for our actions, and act with foresight. For many decades, HKM has cultivated a special bond with the horse, which is reflected in our collections. HKM are experts in their field. They have a keen eye for meaningful details and offer our customers the best possible product experience. Today, HKM stands for an outstanding value proposition at appealing prices.


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