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Equine Leg Protection

The Tack Store at Timber Ridge offers a vast selection of Equine Leg Protection options like splint boots, tendon boots, bell boots, stable bandages, and more. Whether you are showing every weekend, schooling, or hacking around the farm, we have the leg protection your horse needs.

Why do we need Equine Leg Protection?

Simply, horses tend to hurt themselves and the right type of protection can work proactively to prevent injuries. We use different types of horse boots and bandages to give our horses the best leg protection possible.

Types of Leg Protection

Here are a few types of Leg Protection to consider:

  • Standing Wraps – typically used while your horse is stabled to help prevent stocking up, which is when fluid can be retained in the legs
  • Polo Wraps – used during exercise to protect your horse’s legs from impact injuries such as cuts, scrapes, or bruises
  • Leg Quilts or No Bow Wraps – are designed to be used under bandages, standing wraps, or stable wraps to distribute pressure across your horse’s entire leg
  • Splint Boots – can be made of different materials and be lined or unlined. cover the inside of a horse’s leg. Splint boots protecting horses from interfering and potentially injury the splint bones. When your horse injures their splint bone, they can pop a splint.
  • Bell Boots – are often used when your horse tends to overreach with their hind feet hitting their front feet, forge, clip their heels, or easily lose shoes.


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