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Horse Blankets & Coolers

Shop our collection of horse blankets & coolers, including  quarter sheets, fly sheets, and turnout rugs/blankets. A variety of sizes, colors, and styles are available for you to pick from to ensure your horse is protected from the elements.

When does your horse need a blanket, cooler or sheet?

Every horse is different, and blanketing your horse is a personal choice for every horse owner. Some horses may not need a blanket. However, the following may be a reason why you want to blanket your horse:

  • older horses who need assistance to maintain body temperature without loosing too many calories to keep warm
  • horses who compete year round and need to maintain show-ring ready coats
  • horses who are body-clipped
  • horses who are wet after a work out could use a cooler to help wick moisture out of their coats
  • horses at barns that don’t offer ample shelter from the weather during turnout
  • useful in keeping your horses warm, dry, and healthy all year round


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