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Leather Goods

Shop leather halters, stirrup leathers, and other high-quality leather goods from The Tack Store at Timber Ridge. These items ship for free every day!

There is a variety of types of leather and how they are processed. Below is some information about leather to assist you with you leather goods choices.

Bridle Leather

This is usually a high leather quality that has gone through an intensive finishing process. Bridle leather is commonly used in higher-priced bridles; economy-priced bridles are not crafted of this type of leather. Bridle leather is usually thoroughly impregnated with grease and finished with wax to give the leather a deep, even color and smooth finish.

Bridle leather is very soft and flexible, making it comfortable for the horse to wear next to the delicate skin on its face, yet it is very strong in its ability to handle the force of repeated use, sweat and dirt. Over time, bridles made with high leather quality only get better with proper cleaning and conditioning.

Buffalo Leather

This type of leather is long-wearing and offers extra grip due to its pronounced grain patterning. For this reason, it is often used by saddle makers.

Calf Skin Leather

This is a very high quality, soft to the touch leather and provides a broken-in feeling even when new. The pattern on the young hide is so dense that it can appear to have almost no discernible grain. It is usually vegetable-tanned. You’ll find calfskin used in items such as show boots and gloves and in parts of many saddles.


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