HKM Sparkle Dressage Whip




Imported from HKM Germany – HKM Sparkle Dressage Whip – Various Colors

The HKM Sparkle Dressage Whip is made out of fiberglass and has a single spiral row of crystals on the handle. Lash end

Available in Champagne, Deep Blue, or Black

Length: 120 cm or 47.2 inches

IMPORTANT NOTE – on 4/3/2022, the USPS increased their rates to include a $15 service fee on top of the shipping cost for any item over 30 inches long. This basically means that it will cost $20 to ship a whip using USPS where it previously cost ~$5.00.  Because of this – I will now only ship UPS Ground to keep prices as low as possible. So please know that the whip cost includes ~$10.00 in shipping.

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Champagne, Deep Blue, Black

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