Horze Vienna Dressage Whip


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Ready for your next  Horse Show?  This is the perfect dark blue dressage whip to match your outfit!

The Horze Vienna Dressage Whip is light and well balanced, making it perfect for dressage. An easy grip makes it comfortable to hold while velvet and crystal details ensure that you look your best.


  • Light
  • Well balanced
  • Easy grip handle
  • Velvet and crystal details
  • Length 120 cm or 47.24 inches
  • Lash bottom
  • Color – Dark Blue
  • Price includes free Shipping

IMPORTANT NOTE – on 4/3/2022, the USPS increased their rates to include a $15 service fee on top of the shipping cost for any item over 30 inches long. This basically means that it will cost $20 to ship a whip using USPS where it previously cost ~$5.00.  Because of this – I will now only ship UPS Ground to keep prices as low as possible. So please know that the whip cost includes ~$10.00 in shipping. If you pick up a whip at the store – the shipping cost will be removed.



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