KER Equishure Hind Gut Buffer



KER Equishure Hind Gut Buffer

EquiShure is a digestive health supplement designed for horses suspected of suffering from or at risk for hindgut acidosis. Encapsulation technology ensures targeted release directly in the hindgut.

Hindgut acidosis is characterized by a drop in pH caused by microbial fermentation of starches and sugars such as fructans and the resulting accumulation of excessive lactic acid in the hindgut.

EquiShure is appropriate for all horses at risk of suffering from subclinical acidosis. At-risk horses often express one or more signs that can derail athletic performance as well as reduce growth or reproductive potential. Signs of subclinical acidosis include decreased feed intake or complete inappetence in severe cases, mild to moderate colic signs of unexplained origin, poor feed efficiency and subsequent weight loss, loss of performance, and development of certain vices such as wood chewing, weaving, and stall walking.

It is important to maintain a stable hindgut environment with EquiShure to encourage proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Why should I use EquiShure for my horse

  • Encapsulation technology allows for targeted delivery of sodium bicarbonate to the hindgut and prevents an effect on blood tCO2 levels
  • Stabilizes hindgut pH to reduce the risk of hindgut acidosis and associated disorders
  • May improve feed efficiency

Recommended for horses:

  • On high-grain diets or grazing lush pasture
  • With appetite problems or weight loss
  • With unexplainable behavioral problems
  • With digestive upsets resulting in loose manure
  • Prone to recurrent mild colic or laminitis
  • Sport horses under stress of training

How do I use EquiShure?

Feed 30 to 180 g daily according to the horse’s size and risk for hindgut acidosis. Use the table below to determine recommended daily amount based on horse’s grain intake, forage source, and weight. Top-dress EquiShure on feed or give orally. For best results, divide the amount equally among feedings. 1 scoop = approximately 30 g

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