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Spurs & Accessories

We offer a variety of quality Spurs & Accessories in several different options from brand name manufacturers. All spurs are stainless steel.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Spurs
  1. Boots – should have a spur heel rest for the best fit.
  2. Shank Length – is usually determined by the experience of the rider and the discipline being exhibited
  3. Spur Rowel Types – determine the assertiveness of the spur
  4. Experience Level – is critical when selecting spurs. Longer spurs should only be used by experienced riders with quieter legs that can easily identify between leg pressure and spur pressure
More general considerations

Riders with shorter legs and less distance between horse and heel tend to get along with better with shorter spurs. Riders with long legs should use longer spurs so that the leg can lie more still. For extreme cases we have so-called “Swan neck spurs”. These are bent upwards and shorten the distance to the horse’s belly even further.

Spurs and Accessories

At the Tack Store at Timber Ridge, we offer many types of Spurs and Accessories.  We carry many types of fashionable spur straps to use with your favorite spurs. From fancy show spur straps to everyday spur straps and everything in between, we have something for everyone.


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