ThinLine Lockdown Hitch Pin


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ThinLine Vertical Tractor Hitch Pin – No Cotter Pins Needed! – Various Sizes

Self Locking vertical hitch pin replaces the need for cotter and lynchpins to secure connection. ThinLine Lockdown Hitch Pin pins are self-locking, vertical hitch pins used to connect any tractor or truck to field implements, wagons, trailers, spreaders, mixers, and other tow-behind applications. The lock is gravity actuated and does not require greasing.

Years of rigorous testing in the field and on the road by working farmers. Use this hitch pin on-field implements, tractors, wagons, trailers, and more in all weather conditions.

Our trailer, tractor, and wagon hitch pins meet or exceed the strength and durability of comparable pins on the market in addition to providing a more secure way to use them. The pins and latches are made from heat-treated grade 5, C40 steel that has been gold oxide plated. All machined parts have been cut with a chamfered edge to minimize any possible distortion of a corner when struck by an outside force. The coiled spring pins that are used as the pivot point are made from high strength, hardened stainless steel.

The inventor is a fifth-generation dairy and crop farmer. his family, along with other members of the agriculture and construction industries, have thoroughly tested these tractor hitch pins in every possible application.


5/8 x 5″ Lawnmower or ATV with small drags, dump carts, rollers.

3/4 x 7 Great for hay wagons, small spreaders, drags, rollers, hay rakes and small bailers.

7/8 x 7″ most medium-sized spreaders, field implements, larger hay wagons, rakes and tedders, bailers.

The two larger pins weigh 2 pounds each. Smaller pin weighs 1 pounds

Price includes Free Shipping! Shipped in Flat Rate Envelope.

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5" x 5/8", 7" x 3/4", 7" x 7/8"


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