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ThinLine Trim to Fit Full Shim

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These shims are trim to fit, which means that they offer the perfect saddle fit while protecting your horse’s back and improving comfort for horses and riders.

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ThinLine Trim to Fit Full Shim

Have a favorite shimmable ThinLine pad? Now you can put another full layer of ThinLine Material in your favorite ThinLine shimmable pad with the ThinLIne Trim to Fit Full Shim.

English Trim to Fit saddle fitting shims. Made of the same shock-absorbing, comfort foam found on our saddle pads. In addition to creating perfect saddle fit it also protects your horses back and improves comfort for horses and riders.

  • ThinLine Plus+ is 1/4  (6.4mm) thick.
  • It only takes a simple pair of scissors or box blade to trim to fit.
  • Shims come with scoring marks as a guide for you to create front, bridging or rear saddle fit shims.

The trim to fit full shim is the most economical way to always have what you need for every horse. If you only need to shim in one area, cut them to lay exactly where you need them in the open pocket of a ThinLine pad. The remainder can be used to add additional height by stacking several trimmed pieces on top of each other.

As your horse grows and changes you now have several sets of shims for fine-tuning saddle fit. Or, boost your overall ThinLine protection and comfort by using the full shim. The most cost-effective and versatile way to shim your pad!

Sold as a pair – only available in Black

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