Effol SuperStar Shine Spray


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Effol Superstar Shine Spray – 750 ml or 25.4 fl. oz.

The ultimate conditioning spray.

Adds shine without leaving hair, mane, and tail feeling tacky, slick, or artificial.

  • adds a brilliant shine to your horse’s coat without damaging build-up
  • natural conditioner which helps prevent split and dry hair
  • helps detangle and keeps shavings and straw from getting caught in the mane and tail
  • dermatologically tested and approved to nourish and moisturize leading to a smoother coat
  • the tail and mane will take on more body and bounce as well as greater volume

30 of 31 international grooms have tested SuperStar-Shine and highly recommend it!

TIP: apply before clipping to give the blades a smooth and even clipping surface

Chosen by the COTH magazine Untacked as the award-winning shine spray in June 2016!

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