Consignment Saddles

The Tack Store at Timber Ridge – Consignment Saddle Program

All pre-owned saddles that are accepted into our Consignment Saddle Program have been thoroughly inspected to insure that they meet our high standards. Any defects or signs of wear will be described and photographed in the saddle listing.

Interested in selling your dressage or jumping saddle?  Contact us now!

What is different about our consignment program? Since the Tack Store and our Equestrian Center are at the same location, we have the unique opportunity where you to bring your horse to our farm where you can try on all available saddles in one place and ride in them. All incoming horses must have a negative coggins dated within one year and a flu-rhino vaccine within six months. Documentation must be provided prior to getting an appointment – no exceptions.

You may also choose to have the saddles shipped at your cost or pick-up the saddles for a trial period.

Trial Policy
All preowned saddles have the option of a 5-day trial period in order to be checked for proper fit and suitability. Please call to set up your no obligation 5 day trial. From the day of delivery, you will have 5 days to evaluate the saddle. If you decide that the saddle does not meet your needs, you may send it back in the same condition as received. At the time of the trial, you will be charged for shipping and insurance. At the end of the 5 day trial, if you decide to keep the saddle, you will be charged the purchase price and the sale will be considered final. No returns are accepted after the sale is considered final.

Please notify us before the end of the 5 day trial if you plan to return the saddle. If you decide that the saddle does not meet your needs, you will be responsible for return shipping and full value insurance. If we do not hear from you within the 5 day period, the saddle will be considered sold and the sale will be processed. If you need to extend the trial period by an extra day or two, you must let us know before the original 5 day trial period is over.

If you have any questions about our preowned saddles, please call or email us. We also welcome you to get a professional, hands on third party’s opinion during your trial period.

For questions or to arrange for a 5 day trial period, please call 878-295-2431, or email us.

If you are in the market for a particular saddle, please let us know and we will be glad to add you to our waiting list.

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